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                    American Biographies

                    Great American authors and historical figures featured on our pages have interesting stories of their own. We offer two sections below: Especially for Children and Biographies for All. These authors are featured in Children's Stories, Short Stories for Middle School, Short Stories for High School & 100 Great Short Stories

                    Looking for a novel? We offer Books for Young Readers and 25 Great American Novels. Explore American History, Civil War Stories and our African American Library

                    Biographies Especially for Children

                    American Biographies for All Ages

                    Are you a classroom or homeschool teacher? We offer a broad range of Teacher Resources.

                    Visit American History and our African American Library to learn about more people and their writings.
                    You might also enjoy our collection of Books for Young Readers, Children's Poems, and Poetry for Students

                    Return to American Literature Home Page

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